Real-time, REAL TIME, realtime

That word “real-time” has been echoing in my head. I have never used a word so much before. I started an idea based off “real-time” knowing nothing about it. But the amount of times that Jack says it in this interview, just makes me feel so RIGHT about what I was doing.


The key to success is balance. You figure that out, you have made everything twice as easier for you. But the sad part is, not many of us can figure out how to balance life. It is such a stranger word if you think about it…balance. Meaning you only fall if you are leaning towards one side more than the other. Same thing can be applied in life. As long as you keep your motion steady, your sides equally balanced and you keep moving…you’re getting closer to the end without falling. Amazing. No one ever gained balance by standing in the same position for too long, it is hard. They had to keep some sort of motion to justify the balance I guess. It’s too late, my mind wanders to crazy places around this time. I want to learn how to balance, I really do want to get better at that. I don’t know if that is a goal, or a whole character change for me. Regardless, just think about all the aspects that make your life; family, friends, school, work, religion… those are a lot of sides to be balanced. Imagine you dedicate all your time to work and school, leaving a vacant side for the rest. Something does turn up wrong, it’s just the way it works. Imbalance in nature causes catastrophes, so why not in real life. I’m a hypocrite when I say this too, because for me, it has always been family over everything.


Big day for Shoaib. It’s all love. Only wish him the best, they make a wonderful couple. Wedding season is going to be hype this year, this is the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. Take care.










You get what you deserve, and you should strive to get what you want. Just make sure they both work together. If you settle for anything less than what you aspire to get, you’re losing. Everyday, you should feel you have gained something. Progress is everything. You fall behind, you have reasons for people to make you feel insecure. As long as you’re moving forward, you will be too far ahead to hear comments to slow you up. You fall one day, jump up tomorrow and leap the day after, fall again, and do the same routine.