Gurbaksh multiplied DemoCamp donations x 4

gurbaksh chahal iphone

So as you all know, I was at the DemoCamp today… (yes that picture was from my iPhone, and no it is not called being creepy) …and all the money collected from tickets were going towards Haiti through Doctors Without Borders Organization. DemoCamp managed to raise about $2,500 and Gurbaksh decided to multiply that amount by 4, donating about $10,000 bringing the total up to $12,500 in one night. (stops typing, puts laptop down) ….. I had to applaud. This is a time when Haiti really needs us, and to turn an event like this that encourages entrepreneurism and at the same shows how your entrepreneurism can help the world out, bit by bit. On top of that the speech that Gurbaksh gave was absolutely amazing, and also the little talk we had after really made my night. I learned a lot from this individual, and him personally taking time to improve the strengths of my business model really increased my slope of respect for him. Thanks… shoutout to Ryerson for hosting this.

Apple finally releases the iPad

Finally, the much awaited hype was seen today as Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, shows the newest product from Apple. It is pretty neat, but the hype was not all that for me…. it’s just a bigger iPhone. It is the same OS, the same App Store, and even the same development program (SDK Package). They are trying to recreate the iTunes effect on Music with a store now for e-books, but guess what, a lot of us have already been reading books on my iPhone, so I really did not need a bigger screen. Nevertheless, I am happy with the pricing. I thought it would be priced near the $1,000 mark, but it seems reasonable. But I still don’t think I will be buying this, I will just wait for the newer iPhone. My eyes are good to read all books on there. Also, I liked the name, iSlate better than iPad…. iSad.

Bill Gates says the Government cannot just “magically” fix the economy

One of the richest men in the world Microsoft CEO Bill Gates appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday where he gave more dreary news about the U.S. economy, saying that it’s going to take a while to get it back into shape and taxes will eventually have to increase on the people that will be left with jobs.  Bill also explains why he joined Twitter [angel investor?]…

“When you have a financial crisis like that, it’s years of digging out…the budget’s very, very out of balance. And even as the economy comes back, without changes in tax and entitlement policies, it won’t get back into balance. And at some point, financial markets will look at that and it will cause problems.  We’re having a slow recovery and everybody’s frustrated by the pace of the recovery. But I don’t think the government could change and magically make it speed up a lot. If you try to do too much, it can distort things. The government’s role is more of a long term role, investing in education.”

Google Voice back on the iPhone, by hook or crook


Ok whoever has an iPhone has heard about the big tech scruff between Apple and Google, when Apple decided to reject the Google Voice app to be available to the consumers on the App Store. Google, and a maybe the majority of the world were very upset with this decision, until Google decided to tweak the app and just make it a website. HA! Which means that Apple can’t do anything about it. Continue reading…