HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion


This was sort of inevitable. The whole world knows where mobile technology is leading to, and HP clearly could not just stand being ONLY the largest computer manufacturer in the world, so they had to jump into the mobile web market. They clearly don’t plan on just sitting on Palm’s assets and hopefully plan to bring out a couple more lines to compete with the big 3 in the market right now. This is a good move, although it is quite late, and HP has a lot to catch up on. A market that has already been soaked with iPhones and BlackBerries, is kind of hard to dry off with new Palm products. HP is most likely going to jump into a production of touch screen phones, but hopefully they don’t end up as the tablets they had released a couple years ago. I bought myself one too thinking of the new emerging technology and how much fun it would be showing up to class with the coolest gadget… NOPE. Nothing worked out like I planned. HP’s biggest focus should be the development and enhancement of Palm’s operating software for phones, the WebOS. Along with the acquisition, they have also rights over various Palm patents, which should be interesting because Palm has not sued any of the new technologies that are out, so either they have a lot on paper that is undiscovered, or they have nothing. Anyways, you guys will probably hear more of this in the next few days.

Google Voice back on the iPhone, by hook or crook


Ok whoever has an iPhone has heard about the big tech scruff between Apple and Google, when Apple decided to reject the Google Voice app to be available to the consumers on the App Store. Google, and a maybe the majority of the world were very upset with this decision, until Google decided to tweak the app and just make it a website. HA! Which means that Apple can’t do anything about it. Continue reading…